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We develop our bespoke purchase process.

Tailored to each individual restaurant and cafe, working closely with your management team and your chefs to ensure a streamlined approach at all levels whilst you retain control of your gross profit margins.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we only work with suppliers who are the leaders in their field which means you have access to exceptionally high-quality and cost-effective produce safe in the knowledge your customers will be getting the same if not better quality for their money.

The savings made will enable you to enhance your marketing, customer service and reputation, whilst freeing up valuable money to re-invest in the fabric of the building or put the savings back into repairs and renewals budgets.

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The Appropriate Supplier:

CBG constantly work alongside the leading industry experts and stay abreast of all current market trends. This is especially important in today’s fast evolving restaurant scene, the move to artisan, vegan, locally, ethically sourced and sustainable products are becoming more and more important to your clientele. Being linked with suppliers who have development kitchens who showcase the current trends and allow our clients use of them to evolve their own unique range of new menu ideas, we believe that working together with consultation and sharing our joint wealth of knowledge we are best placed to help you find the right supply route  for your business.

Essentially and more importantly CBG provide reports and with our understanding of the markets and trends  we know what price you should be paying year round, so not only do you have the support in helping you find the correct product we fix you in at the right price, allowing you to budget effectively.

Stress Reduction:

With CBG’s approach to equate your business needs with the best suppliers, we free you up to concentrate on what really matters and provide your customers with the level of service and quality food they expect and appreciate, which results in maintained and improved levels of customer retention and new clients alike.

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