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One of the largest leading Care Providers in the U.K, wanted to maximise use of local and regional supplier’s; however, administration costs, inconsistent pricing and the disproportionate amount of resource required to manage their goal appeared to be a major impediment to success

In April 2011 – Present Day with CBG’s (Clifton Buying Group Ltd) offer of local and regional suppliers and central administration, they took the decision to utilise the services of CBG. The partnership now in its 8th year of trading has been a success. Testified by the Category Manager saying, “CBG continue to provide an excellent level of service, continuing to meet their commercial criteria; a quality product, business efficiency that significantly has reduced cost, together with a service that is prompt, reliable and sensitive to their business needs”.

On the back of this achievement and CBG’s success, we were awarded with the contract for their produce, bakery & dairy supply. With Clifton Buying Group covering meat, dairy, bakery and fresh produce across the UK with a centralised administration facility, it provided the ideal solution for their commercial and purchasing needs.

During the last 18 months food has been subject to inflation at 5.4%, CPI 2.5%, we managed to offset the vast majority and kept increases to the clients APL within 1%. With the extreme weather patterns that have emerged in the same period, we have kept the need to exercise force majeure to a minimum and traded through the impending rises until necessary. Any price increase either at the start of a new contract or in the highly unusual need to implement force majeure it is always backed by market reports with full justification.

CBG also support this client by arranging and attending Operation Managers and Chef Managers’ forums in order to present ways of reducing costs by using seasonal produce or cheaper cuts of meat.  We also work in conjunction with our main fish and seafood supplier who is a member of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).  They work with us in guiding the chefs away from less sustainable species. This process may take time, so we continue to work with chefs on their existing menus during any transitional period. This allows for dialogue to continue, thus leading to a positive outcome.

CBG also have several suppliers who have development kitchens which allow our clients use of to develop their menus. They have full use of the latest state of the art equipment. The supplier’s executive development chef is onsite to advise and guide our client’s catering team in experimenting with any new market produce or speciality foods especially with the fast developing Dysphagia food solutions and they are on hand if our client wishes to create a bespoke product, taking it from a development stage to full production.

CBG Provided the client with a fully managed procurement service from initial benchmarking exercises and consolidated buying platform through to providing any additional support as we believe we are stronger together and can learn and grow as one with the same end goal in sight.

Now that we have completed our supply chain objectives the next phase is we aim to provide a trial roll out of a new online ordering platform allowing our client even greater controls and with access to reports to giving their operational managers full management and a transparent overview of a specific unit or the full group.

Continuous Improvement

  • Client food cost spend, managing best value for the client portfolio. This is evidenced against food inflation and CPI.
  • Net promoter score, we obtain qualitative and quantitative feedback from our clients and their teams.
  • Time: we aim to continually save clients time through our full supply chain management, simplifying back office, technology or consolidating the supply chain.
  • Innovation: we constantly developing our systems to add value to our customers
  • ABL optimization and purchasing, we present proposals for product changes/additions to save money without affecting quality
  • Upstream purchasing, CBG provide access to direct manufacturing deals which can provide significant savings on daily commodities.
  • Operationally ensuring any foreseen changes do not affect your estate, such as extreme weather or supplier closure. CBG provides a full BCP which is regularly reviewed.
  • Engagement/added value – chef forums to understand challenges, provide training or introduce new products.

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Read our case studies to learn more about the different styles of business we work with and how we support their management with better supply solutions.


Ribble Farm Fare Ltd

Since working with CBG we have acquired new businesses which has highly benefitted us as a local company.

R Noone & Son

A big thank you to Keith & The Team at CBG.  Since working with CBG we have acquired new businesses which has highly benefitted us as a company. 

Beach Cafe

I have been working with Clifton Buying Services for over two years and have had an excellent service off them.


The company initially assisted with the supply of our 15 Contract Catering units in the North West, as well as supplying our Hotel and Coffee Shops in Southport

Four Seasons Health Care

I have worked with Clifton Quality Meats and now Clifton Buying Group for more than 8 years and find their dedication to Customer service second to non.

UK Holiday Group

We at the UK Holiday Group who run a chain of hotels have been dealing with the Clifton Buying Group for some time now, previous to this we were dealing with Clifton Quality Meats for about eight years.