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Nicol Hughes have been working with Clifton Buying Group Ltd for twelve months now, they were instrumental in providing a smooth transition from one supplier to another for our Fresh Meat.

The service was professional from start to finish, a thorough and correct procurement procedure was followed, from holding initial meetings with our company to establish our requirements from supply – cost and all other areas in the process of leading to the successful trial and then full supply. Keith and his team worked with the greatest of integrity to ensure that there was no potential leaking of information should we have wished to stay with our incumbent supplier.

From bench marking, site visits to see the fresh meat supplier, provision of all accreditation / certification, samples, to even creating our own labels with our company logo on the packaging. This lead on to a suitable trial period on select items before Nicol Hughes gained confidence to roll out the contract and include the rest of the products we required.

We have not had any issues, but, we are confident in the knowledge that CBG will handle any queries regarding suppliers quality, delivery issues, pricing and urgent delivery of extra supplies which is of considerable benefit, giving us piece of mind that we only have one point of contact that will deal with any of the above and report back promptly, informatively and keeping us in the loop as appropriate. CBG aim to guarantee that should there be an issue it will be resolved within a 2-hour window, if not a strict KPI criteria and escalation procedure is followed.

The price file was capped for an agreed period which has allowed us to keep within our budgets and plan ahead with the security we can print our brochures and not worry we will incur any further costs until the allotted review date, in turn this allows Nicol Hughes to give the same assurances to our clients.

CBG have maintained close relations and carry out regular customer care checks with both supplier and the end user, making sure everything is assessed and running smoothly for all parties, which greatly pre-empts and avoids / addresses any issues in advance.

A further benefit to Nicol Hughes is that we are now using a local supplier, therefore keeping our carbon footprint and food miles travelled to a minimum. In turn employment, our business and money remain within the local economy.

I would recommend them to any other business that may be interested in using them. There is little risk as there are no costs to you involved so it’s worth a review of your business off them. Further to the above, we have now signed up to be one of the suppliers within CBG’s portfolio and to date the evidence is that they treat our company as respectfully and professionally the other way around.

David Hughes – Managing Director
Nicol Hughes Foodservice Ltd Chester

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