Purchasing Partners


CBG has the privilege of working with over 120 category leading suppliers who are providing high quality goods within the care sector, hospitality and catering industry. Our portfolio is extensive and we’re continuing to add to it regularly our purchasing team are constantly seeking, new products and suppliers.

Our suppliers include wholesalers, fresh foods, catering, equipment providers, utilities and specialist services such as telecoms and waste management. As a customer with Clifton Buying Group, you’re able to have access to both choice and quality from the suppliers who we know and trust wholeheartedly.

CBG regularly attend forums, exhibitions, conferences and follow social media in order to keep our offering current and in line with the movement of trends, as we see a huge change and influence of ethically / sustainably sourced produce from local, artisan suppliers, with diet forming part of the way the food and drinks industry is going.

When it comes to technology, utilities, equipment and transportation the suppliers are all moving with the times to reduce their own carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly green ways of working and running their businesses, which in turn it benefits your company by proxy, which your clientele will look to support, giving you a lead over your competitors if you can promote your business as such.

Our supplier partnerships gain you the best possible prices, with excellent ethical, sustainable working practices, giving you peace of mind that your purchasing strategy is in responsible and considerate hands.

Our Proud Testimonials

The Clifton Buying Group are Proud To Support many charities including Variety Children's Charity, EAFA & #MADD about Bullying