Staying Sustainable


CBG’s Sustainability Core Values and Ethos:

CBG: One of the main factors of working with CBG is the confidence we have with our suppliers and business partners, who continue to make differences to sustainability.

SOURCING: Good sourcing is the driving force of good supply. Avoid the worst.

ADVISORY: We believe that as a responsible supplier, one of our key roles is that of an advisor not educator.

COLLABORATION: We know that whatever our own beliefs and aspirations for sustainability are, the achievement of these aims is only possible by working with other like-minded people through collaboration.

In addition to the search for sustainable sourcing solutions, we have also focused on ensuring that our solutions are ethical. To that extent, we have adopted the guidelines from the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). Our first steps were to map out our supply chain, once a supply chain is mapped; we then carry out an assessment with the objective of requesting our suppliers’ evidence of poor working conditions, unethical treatment of workers and communities, and modern-day slavery.

If it is identified that there is poor working conditions or unethical treatment of workers and communities, we begin a process of improvement in conjunction and in line with the ETI initiative. If we or any of our suppliers identify modern slavery, we would stop supporting the supply chain and move our purchases elsewhere with immediate effect.

CBG’s Sustainability Policy

We are in that process for the long haul!

We aim to have a fully sustainable and ethical supply chain. However, we are aware that this is not a goal, but a process that needs constant attention.

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