There isn’t any small print when you work with us, but just in case you do have any questions, here are a few we’ve answered for you.

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Do I have to pay any joining or membership fee?

No. You can take advantage of our very competitive pricing without any charge.

If I don't pay, how do Clifton Buying Group make money?

We are paid a small rebate by our suppliers.

What about contracts and agreements?

We have no contracts with our customers, and you are never obliged to buy from any supplier.

So how does it work?

You continue to place your order directly with the supplier – and pay them as before. The exclusive prices are picked up using the Clifton Buying Group account number when you buy through our recommended suppliers

Do all Clifton Buying Group supplies conform with current legislation?

We expect all our suppliers to meet the very highest standards regarding safety, legality, quality and transportation of your products.

The Clifton Buying Group are Proud To Support many charities including Variety Children's Charity, EAFA & #MADD about Bullying