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With the support from us at CBG, your care home can do what you do best.

Providing high level care for your residents, whilst also keeping your costs low at the same time. Less money spent on purchasing means more time and budget to spend elsewhere in the home, without compromising on quality.

For care homes who work across multiple locations we can provide group wide service, so you know all your care homes are running under the same purchasing service and strategy.

Our vast network of suppliers ensures managers and chefs can choose from the highest quality of products, from essentials to specialist foods as well as furniture, medical supplies, hygiene, utilities, electricals and furnishings… the list is endless.

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The Appropriate Supplier:

The Care Industry is CBG’s specialist area, providing for several of the largest U.K care companies over many years now sets us in prime position to help match your business up with the appropriate suppliers.

Through attending supplier forums, exhibitions, working with NGO’s (non-governmental organisations), official regulatory bodies and the Care Homes themselves we understand the exacting standards and legislative boundaries you must work within.

In the specialist care sector, many of our suppliers can provide medical supplies, bespoke equipment, monitoring systems, furniture and pioneering food developments such as the huge improvements being made now in dementia care with the dysphagia meal solutions.

CBG listen to you and understand your business needs, we work in harmony with your company and we aim to arrange the appropriate supply solutions so you can provide the best possible level of Care possible.

Stress Reduction:

Upon sourcing the appropriate supplier, CBG provide monthly analysis for all your business requirements. Therefore, you are constantly in control of your quality, nutrition, portion sizes, costs and made aware of any technological advances and seasonal / market influences that may affect your business, allowing you to concentrate on maintaining excellent profit margins and increasing revenue, whilst ultimately providing your client with the best possible care.

All our suppliers are fully accredited and certified providing you peace of mind that when your inspections are due you have everything in place to make achieving the highest rating possible a less arduous task, you will have all necessary paperwork, certification, inspection dates for your lift / fire / nurse call systems logged so you don’t miss a date.

When it comes to food budgets our online dashboard system gives you the most current and accurate reports possible that can drill down in to your sites by unit, by volume, by price, by cost per head and it will provide you with a daily running total so you can see if you are on budget to your daily spend per head.

We negotiate and set long capped price files on your behalf so there are no nasty surprises and you can budget confidently knowing there will be no major fluctuations barring force majeure.

CBG is leading the way in the care sector and we constantly strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

Let CBG care for your business whilst you care for your clients.

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