Helping business reopen safely out of lockdown.


CBG (Clifton Buying Group Ltd)

Helping business reopen safely out of lockdown.

These are unprecedented times and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a cause of great concern for all of us. Our thoughts are with all those affected and the people who are working relentlessly to care for them.

CBG (Clifton Buying Group Ltd) has implemented its business continuity measures swiftly to ensure your supplies and services, and the safety of our clients and colleagues which remain our top priority, for the duration of any risk.

Due to the flexible and agile approach we have always adopted, we know that together we can overcome the challenges ahead.

We are continuing to provide our services as usual and will remain fully contactable by our usual email and telephone numbers. We will fully support any request for help and assistance whatever they may be.

With the further restrictions in place, it will still remain a moving target for some time to come, CBG are best placed to help you through these challenging times, which are presenting a new set of demands for all business.

The team at CBG has been working with clients and suppliers throughout and are best placed to help you implement a profitable and safe buying strategy with our national network of fully accredited and certified suppliers, we can help you navigate through these new and ever changing times.

Here’s how CBG can help you Managing operational changes:

To re-open safely and operate within the new guidelines, all businesses will need to make operational changes.

We can help you plan and prepare with:

  • Products and suppliers, which are certified and accredited that you can trust
  • Current market knowledge of fair pricing
  • Up to date understanding of which suppliers can provide timely deliveries

We can offer you practical advice and support on:

  • New products required such as signage, screens, sanitiser stations, PPE
  • Help with ordering and delivery – supply and demand is high with certain product lines
  • Lead time planning – so you can open on time and be fully compliant with all legislation
  • Help with credit terms, deposits, and pro-forma payment terms from certain suppliers
  • Only recommending products and suppliers you can trust – avoiding the tricksters
  • Current market awareness of fair pricing – avoiding the racketeers
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly takeaway and delivery service packaging – for food and drink
  • Understanding and managing product availability, seasonal produce, product lead times, supplies and prices

We can help you implement a strategy to best achieve a speedy recovery:

Making sure your company is in a position of strength and best placed to get back on its feet fast and ready to tackle the times ahead.

Our expertise and trusted relationships with suppliers mean we can support you during planning and re-opening – and help you guide your business back to profitably.

We can help you with:

  • Ideas, supplier access and support with setting up new service options – from takeaway services to national groups of care homes and hospitality and leisure
  • Sourcing all trusted, certified, and accredited products and suppliers – PPE, cleaning chemicals and hygiene services
  • Product and range availability; fair and stable pricing
  • Supplier term changes such as delivery schedules, lead times and minimum order values
  • Changes to credit arrangements and terms
  • Price benchmarking and financial business diagnostics – this can be carried out remotely – to get you the best quality and price
  • Help you source products to develop menus with increased margins
  • Review contracts and set dates to re-negotiate within in the correct timeframes to prevent you going on out of contract pricing
  • Sourcing and purchasing anything from bread to beds, and everything in between

By utilising Clifton Buying Group you benefit from a wide range of services and take advantage of the volume purchasing power we can achieve through our national and local supply chain, over a diverse range of categories via accredited suppliers providing full traceability and peace of mind for clients is all part of our service.

Clifton Buying Group is proud to be providing procurement solution services, maintaining, and developing relationships with our clients and suppliers, and with your dedicated account Manager you will always receive the personal attention your business deserves.

Please, contact us with any line of supply requirement and tell us what you need…

Contact: or call 01253 601100

The Clifton Buying Group are Proud To Support many charities including Variety Children's Charity, EAFA & #MADD about Bullying